Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lord Janners case has been re-opened in child sex abuse probe...........

So said investigative news website EXARO.

It looks like this carefully hidden behaviour by some of the top figures in our 'establishment' that even might lead to Buckingham Palace by all accounts.Might now be about to blow wide open. A similar case occured in Belgium a few years back.

Click on the above pic to enlarge, and read how corrupt 'our' politicians are and how beholden they are to the state of Israel.

EXARO doesn't allow for excerpts to be cut and pasted to we advise readers to view the below link;


Anonymous said...

Zambian man jailed for two years for torching buildings during the London riots can't be kicked out of Britain because he 'would not be welcomed' in homeland

Joseph Janbazian Zulu, 20, sentenced to four and a half years for arson
He set alight council buildings during the summer of 2011 London riots
Was sent to his homeland of Zambia but tribunal overturned the decision
Said breached his family life as close to family and knew no one in Zambia
Tribunal also told he would 'not be welcome' in Zambia because of record

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Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Tough new laws to combat the surge in anti-Semitic abuse in Britain

MINISTERS will today unleash a tough new crackdown to combat rising anti-Semitism in Britain following a surge of sickening attacks against the Jewish community.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...