Friday, September 06, 2013

Warrington action against terrorists please share #edl #nwi #bnp

 The IRA's Martin McGuinness to speak in Warrington - 18th.September 2013 .

Please could post this on any sites or social media you go on, we really need as much patriotic support as we can get, I know it's a wednesday but that bastard coming to speak peace while British victims of IRA terrorism still have no justice fcking stinks and needs opposing

As many people will now be aware; Martin McGuinness has been invited to deliver the annual Peace Lecture at Colin Parry’s Peace Centre in Warrington. Justice for the 21 has genuine admiration for the work that Colin Parry and his foundation have undertaken since the 1993 Warrington Bombing. We're pleased that some victims of terrorism such as Mr Parry can find solace and move on without feeling the need for justice.

However, we believe that in the process of moving on, their fellow victims who find themselves unable to find comfort without justice - confirmation that the life of their precious loved one actually mattered – should not be forgotten and their views and feelings should be considered and respected.

Last year, Justice for the 21 wrote to Martin McGuinness and his Sinn Fein colleague Gerry Adams, appealing to them to help ease the on-going suffering of members of our community by acknowledging our campaign and entering into a dialogue seeking to resolve the suffering of victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. We received no response.

In May this year, during a visit to Northern Ireland to meet First Minister, Peter Robinson, Brian and Julie Hambleton again appealed to Sinn Fein to reveal who killed their sister and 20 others in the Birmingham Pub Bombings. This appeal was met with insubstantial rhetoric to the media about a truth commission.

Therefore, Justice for the 21 will be outside Warrington Peace Centre on the 18 September 2013, demanding that Martin McGuinness and Sinn Fein address the concerns of the victims of terrorism from our community.

Once again, ignored victims of terrorism from our community will be standing on the streets while one of the parties responsible for their misery are inside, enjoying the luxuriant state-funded surroundings.

 We call on as many of our supporters as possible to attend and show their support for our campaign and in particular Brian and Julie Hambleton who show a level of bravery and tenacity which deserves our full support. just come across this, how can a known terrorist be allowed to speak at a 'Peace Lecture' ?

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