Friday, June 08, 2012

EDL rally - Rochdale - 9th.June 2012

 #EDL #Rochdale demo details
7 06 2012

Rochdale demo details.

Coaches please make your way to Sandbrook park OL11 1RY where you will be met by the police and escorted to designated EDL muster point for drop off.
People arriving at Rochdale train station will be transferred by bus to the muster points.

The muster points are Yate’s and the Flying horse. Postcode OL16 1ND and OL 16 1NJ.
A short march will begin at the flying horse at 13.30 to the demo point where speeches will be made.

A big thank you to the pubs for allowing us to use them and the GMP for their co-operation.

See you there.No Surrender.

NWN:  We would check again the ownership of the YATES Wine Lodge in Rochdale as it was certainly owned by a local Pakistani muslim.They own a few pubs and clubs in the town.


Anonymous said...

You couldnt make it up ! I wonder what Kevin Carrol will be wearing on his head this week to appease the owner of Yates ?

Anonymous said...

It's maybe a set-up against the EDL ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the EDL thought the pakistanis were indus or sikhs ?

Anonymous said...

No, it's a big set-up against the NW Nationalists and the EDL.

There's a big charity fundraiser in Rochdale Centre for a sick kid at the same time.

Police are expecting ALL local people to get brassed off with demo and rally on the same day and at the same place.

Anonymous said...

There are rather a lot of police vehicles outside Rochdale nick parked up overnight.

Anonymous said...

Pam Smith, Executive Director at Rochdale Borough Council, added:Sexual exploitation is an appalling crime, but it is not linked to ethnicity or religion. As the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre point out, 'Child sexual exploitation is not confined to one community, age, demographic, social status or gender'.”

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