Monday, January 03, 2011

Eddy Butler calling for even more compromise !

More rubbish is being spouted by Butler over on his blog, but then we already knew this didn't we ?
On the left we see what the BNPs IDENTITY magazine 2001, has to say about Butler. Butler then, as now, was spouting 'pro multi culti' and tory inspired reactionary nonsense.

He is even more pro-multi racial than Griffin.
Griffin who wanted non-whites in the BNP in 2004, till the membership pushed him back. But with the influx of liberal types plus the expulsions and general 'pissing- off' of party activists, he has pushed this through .

Here is the latest nonsense expounded by Butler on his blog;

What then are the blocks preventing unity?

Personalities. Jealous personalities. I will not name names but they are obvious.

Some may genuinely believe that the only way to achieve unity is through the destruction of the opposition. The law of the jungle, with the best man left standing swallowing the rest at the end.

Some may genuinely feel repelled at the prospect of joining with people in other parties. For example some UKIPer's are genuinely anti European liberals and hate everything to do with the BNP (not just the BNP’s bad image). However it would be a tiny minority who would hold such entrenched incompatible views.

Some people in the BNP will be repelled at the idea of ‘selling out’ and having to water down in order to mix with ‘Tory’ types. They have to realise that if the BNP where ever to gain any sort of success in the future then it would attract such people and have to water down anyway. In any case it is all about presentation and emphasis, rather than policy (NWN Our emphasis). There is now very little that would need to be ‘watered down’. This makes the failure to unify all the more indefensible.


Anonymous said...

It an idiotic idea and a pipe dream to think that all these different parties and groups can join together, Butler has completely lost the plot!

EFPStoke said...

The way of pushinf forward together isn't going to be achieved by concentrating on the differences between us, but by supporting the things that we do agree on.
We should get together and create a nationalist manifesto, a group of policies to which the majority of nationalist parties are agreed.

Anonymous said...

In the latest email from the party about the proposed mosque in Bletchley there is a protest this saturday and the party have announced the meeting place and the time ?

Blackpool rock said...

Right. I'll tell you how we will get to power !

We in Blackpool have got the recipe right.

At our last meeting we had these sexy dolls who were in their 70's dressed up in WW2 dress singing stuff like 'Run rabbit run' to us.

Now that is the way to power.

You can keep your skrewdriver rubbish !

Anonymous said...

I've just been reading the idiotic posts on Butler's blog concerning his hair brain scheme, there appear to be a lot of very naive Nationalists out there. Griffin appears to have purged the ranks of any sensible Racial Nationalists, God only knows what the future holds for our politics at the moment? Griffin on one side Butler on the other!

Anonymous said...

sexy dolls or sex dolls from Anne Summers? What does the Blackpool branch get up to? They should invite Griffin & Reynolds to their next meeting!

Anonymous said...

Old ladies singing Run rabbit run at your meetings ?

Blackpool have been run by old women for many a year but this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the roly polys ?

Anonymous said...

Butler thinks he is an ideas man he will continue to think this till the cows come home.
Action Man.

Anonymous said...

Ian Stuart was a local lad to Blackpool.

I wonder what he would think having old ladies sing rubbish like run rabbit run at BNP meetings ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Financial Scrutiny Committee has been CONNED!
Recently the Financial Scrutiny Committee examined the BNP's compete financial records going back to 2005 and subsequently gave them a clean bill of health.

"See, told you there was no funny business going on!" shouted the chairman and Jefferson!

The FSC is comprised of East Midlands RO Geoff Dickens, Welsh RO Brian Mahoney and Deputy Treasurer James mole. The deal was that when David Hannam's office was seized all the party’s financial records would be transferred immediately and without interference to the Financial Scrutiny Committee so they could perform a detailed inspection.

The records seemingly were delivered without interference as agreed and the FSC members put their personal reputations on the line and gave them a clean bill of health.

Here comes the truth: instead of the party’s financial records being taken immediately and without interference from David Hannam’s office in Hull to the scrutiny committee based in the East Midlands, the dozens of boxes, files and computers were actually intercepted by Adam Walker and ferreted away to Nick Griffin's personal north-west office where they were handed over to Clive Jefferson. They remained with Clive for 3 days (totally unknown to the FSC) before being taken back down the country and handed over to the FSC!

Why were the records taken to Nick Griffin’s personal office for 3 days? What happened to them during this secret lost period? Do the 3 men of the FSC know about this? In light of this will the 3 good men of FSC now remove their stamp of approval from the records?

There are serious questions that must be answered: During the lost period were incriminating records removed, were records altered, were records tampered with and who was with Jefferson while he had the records in his care?

Why was Jefferson, a man with no financial expertise, suddenly parachuted in be National Treasurer shortly afterwards? He has also secured every top position in the party: National Nominating Officer (controls who stands in elections), National Elections Officer (controls BNP elections campaigns), National Organiser (controls the party's organisation, every official subservient to him) and now National Treasurer (control of the money). How could this happen? Why has he been able to achieve this?

Most worrying of all: Why has David Hannam, the man who sparked the Eddy Butler leadership challenge by telling the then management team that Nick Griffin had stolen £250,000-£300,000 from the party suddenly been given a secure, well paid Euro position at a time when other loyal and competent staff are being paid off? These revelations are deeply troubling and must be investigated or reported to the authorities’ immediately!

The men of the FSC have put their names and reputations to the BNP's financial records after being deceived. They, through no fault of their own, are now compromised and could bear legal responsibility if discrepancies, theft or fraud are discovered at some point in the future, leaving them personally liable financially!

Will they now withdraw their endorsements and preserve their good names or will they allow themselves to be used to cover up potential illegal activities. As men of property and assets (unlike Clive and Nick) surely they recognize the impossible and dangerous position they have been placed in by the unscrupulous and calculated actions of the party leadership?

As court cases mount up and legal investigations loom large on the horizon the time to put our house in order is now before the authorities have enough ammunition to shut us down for good and before more good men have their life’s work put at risk (Simon Darby’s house is already under threat if debts are not paid soon) by the actions of incompetent and unscrupulous men presently running the show.

Anonymous said...


That fucking kike infiltraitor Chris `mentally' Hill sticks to nationalism like dog shit sticks to a boot heel.

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